OUR MISSION To provide the senior community of Flower Mound an enhanced quality of life through community involvement, cultural enrichment, and educational health and welfare programs. OUR VISION SIM Auxiliary, Inc. envisions an active, vibrant, healthy, and connected senior community whose strength benefits all residents of Flower Mound. The centerpiece of this vision is a standalone senior center with attractive and comfortable furnishings, fixtures, programs, and transportation options that encourage a strong senior community. OUR GOALS Flower Mound is aging. An estimated 6,000 residents are 60 or older. Census Bureau figures indicate that the percentage of seniors in the town’s population has doubled in the last decade. And every year, every one of us gets another year older. Flower Mound is also a retirement destination for seniors, drawn in part by the tens of thousands of grandchildren here. As a result, we in Flower Mound are reinventing the multigenerational American family. To help make the area attractive for retirees, the town of Flower Mound runs a program called Seniors in Motion, 24,000-square-foot building at 2701 West Windsor Drive, Flower Mound . Approximately 2,000 members enjoy special events, day trips, fun fitness & dance, creative art & educational classes, health and wellness, get into the game (cards and bingo), computer and technology, fellowship groups and other activities that keep them healthy of mind and body. SIM also coordinates senior volunteers for local hospitals, the local schools’ Rockin’ Reader program, and other worthy services. SIM Auxiliary Inc. is honored to accept tax-deductible donations to support Seniors in Motion.  This provides the senior community a place for fun, food, and fellowship. SIM Auxiliary Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, meaning donations are tax-deductible.

The volunteer Board of Directors consists of: